Self defence & prevention of crime
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This lecture with powerpoint presentation covers the defences of self-defence, defence of others, defence of property and prevention of crime. Topics include: mistakes and self-defence including drunken mistakes and mistakes as to the level of danger; the meaning of 'reasonable force' and the role of judge and jury; pre-emptive strikes; 'self-induced' self-defence; defence against non-criminal acts; the offences to which these defences may be raised' and the relationship between self-defence and duress of circumstances; the effect of a successful plea; proposals for reform.

Principal authorities referred to: s3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967; Palmer v R (1971); Scarlett (1994); Owino (1996); Attorney General for Northern Ireland' Ref (No. 1 of 1975) (1976); Devlin v Armstrong (1971); Martin (2002) Shaw (2001); Beckford (1988); Attorney General's reference (No. 2 of 1983) (1984); Rashford (2005); Burns v HM Advocate (1995); Johnson (1989); Williams (Gladstone) (1987); DPP v Bayer; Faraj (2007); Re A (Conjoined Twins) (2001); Renouf (1986); Blake v DPP (1933); Conway (1989); Symonds (1998); Clegg (1995); O'Grady (1987); Hatton (2005) and more...

The total lecture time is 63 minutes.

To test your knowledge it includes a quiz.

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