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Regina (Rottman) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis - case analysis
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Case note on ex parte Rottman: The CLRI assessment this year requires you to write and submit a Case Note on the decision of the House of Lords in R v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis ex parte Rottman [2002].

Compulsory exam questions on ex parte Rottman: You should be aware that in the May exam there will be a compulsory part requiring you to answer a number of questions about the case note. These questions will be worth 20% of the total marks available in the examination.

As the CLRI subject guide chapter 4.2.5 page 42 explains: “The examination will ask you certain questions about your understanding of [ex parte Rottman]… and your broader understanding of the arguments…”

Thus, how well you know ex parte Rottman may have a significant bearing on how well you do in the exam.

The appeal is complex and the leading speeches address a number of intricate arguments.

The audio lecture presentation explains the decision of the House clearly.

It evaluates the arguments presented to the House and analyses and summarises the majority and minority opinions to help you write your case note and prepare effectively for the examination.

The recording explains:

the facts of the case;

the decision of the Divisional Court;

the grounds of appeal to the House of Lords;

the arguments;

the decision of the House – the ratio;

analysis of the speeches of Lords Hutton and Lord Rodger in detail;

analysis of the dissenting opinion of Lord Hope in detail;

concluding summary of the speeches.

The presentation combines an audio recording with powerpoint slides and is viewable online on PCs, Macs, laptops and all mobile devices including IPADs

The format makes it easy to move from one section to another and to find the information you are looking for.

Norman Baird – the producer and author of the recording – has, for many years, provided academic support for students of the University of London International Programmes LLB. As consultant to the University he produced a wide range of materials for the University’s VLE including recorded audio presentations, online Criminal Law assessments and he assisted with the development of the University’s research exercises for CLRI students.

He is Course Director of academic programmes in support of the University of London LLB and has considerable experience as an LLB and GDL examiner. He also organises the QED Law revision seminars which take place each Spring at University College London.


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